The CMAXX Dust and Fume Collection System offers maximum cleaning performance with 10% more filter media than competitors’ models. The CMAXX features powerful pulse cleaning technology to increase filter life and efficiency. Heavy duty design makes the CMAXX the most durable dust and fume collector in the industry, it offers the patented weather-resistant CrownTech roof and no external bolt holes. In addition, the modular design of the CMAXX means it can be customized for each application.


The CMAXX offers better value and performance than any dust and fume collector on the market. At Imperial Systems, we are constantly innovating the CMAXX design for improvement. A CMAXX dust and fume collection system will always offer you features that you can’t find anywhere else. In addition, each CMAXX is manufactured in the USA in our Pennsylvania facility. Our ServiceMAXX team travels the country to provide you with dust collection system support. 

  • CrownTech domed roof for weather resistance
  • Lift rails designed for easy and safe filter changes
  • No external bolt holes to prevent rust or leaks
  • Industrial powder coating for wear-resistant surface
  • Vertical filter arrangement for improved filter function

  • Angled inlet baffles to protect filters
  • Available In-Line Deflagration Arrestor (IDA) function
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Heavy duty construction, extra durable doors and latches

CrownTech Domed Roof

The CMAXX is the first industrial dust collector to have CrownTech, the fully welded domed roof. This patented roof design guarantees that the roof will not leak, hold water, or allow snow or ice to accumulate. Competing dust collectors have a flat roof, and as a result they frequently develop holes from rust. The CrownTech roof protects your cartridge filters from water damage. In addition, it allows us to offer an industry leading 15 year warranty by protecting your CMAXX from weather damage.

Vertical Cartridge Collectors

Most of our competitors use cartridge filters that sit horizontally inside the dust collector. These horizontal dust collection systems experience problems with filter life, gasket leaks, and complicated filter changes. The CMAXX uses vertical cartridges with longer filter life and better pulse cleaning. The anti-ramp lift rails make changing the filters easy. They also prevent filters from ramping, or sliding over each other, while being changed. A filter locking system ensures gasket compression for a solid seal against dust leaks.


  • Weld fumes
  • Plasma and laser cutting fumes
  • Fiberglass
  • Plastic
  • Paper dust
  • Metal recycling
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Grain and seed
  • Silica and cement
  • Woodworking
  • Bakery and food processing
  • Salt bath
  • Thermal spray
  • Metalworking
  • Hammer mills
FRED C-Series Cartridge Dust Collector

CMAXX Industrial Dust & Fume Collection System

FRED C-Series Cartridge Dust Collector Indoors
FRED C12 Cartridge Dust Collector
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Here’s what our customers say about the CMAXX dust and fume collector:

“Our first CMAXX worked so well, and we were really impressed with the quality. So there was no reason to go anywhere else for our second one.” (fiberglass application)

“It took about five minutes for the shop to start clearing out after we turned it on.” (welding application)

“Consistency is the first descriptor that comes to mind. Consistent and exceptional performance of the CMAXX dust collector, the DeltaMAXX filters, and the outstanding customer and technical support from Imperial Systems.” (sandblasting application)

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