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Industrial cyclone dust collectors are used alone or with other dust collectors in many applications. Imperial Systems’ cyclones feature many options that make them the best choice for your unique challenges. As a result of careful design, our cyclones feature almost any required CFM for any type of material.

Features available on Imperial Systems’ cyclones include:

  • Custom engineered structural supports
  • Inlet and outlet transitions for duct connections
  • Vortex breaker/expansion chamber
  • Insulation for high temperature applications
  • Rubber, ceramic, and specialized linings for abrasion or high temperature
  • Wear plates made from AR steel, stainless steel, or rubber
  • Multiple inlets and backdraft dampers
  • Laboratory dust testing
  • Multi-clone model available

In order to meet the needs of your application, we offer a variety of linings and other features. These features allow the cyclone to handle high temperatures and resist abrasion. Imperial Systems also offers dust testing, which allows you to determine which safety features your system will need.

Cyclones function by causing incoming air to spin around the center. As the air spins and slows down, larger particles will drop out. As a result, cyclones can be used alone to filter out large particles. However, they can also catch larger debris before the air passes into another dust collector for filtration.

Imperial Systems’ cyclones are available in standard and high efficiency. The standard efficiency cyclone offers up to 8,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of airflow. For projects that require more airflow, the high efficiency cyclone can be sized up to 70,000 CFM.

Many industries and applications use cyclone dust collectors. Cyclones effectively remove large or heavy particles from the airflow. Because they use no filters or motors, they require minimal maintenance.

Industries where cyclones are used include:

  • Agriculture and grain
  • Shot blasting
  • Woodworking
  • Fiberglass or other fibers
  • Recycling
  • Paper trim
  • Metal reclaiming

Because the cyclone removes larger or heavier particles, it works well in applications where there might be larger materials mixed in with fine dust. The cyclone allows these larger particles to drop out. As a result, the fine dust can continue to a dust collector with filters. The cyclone removes particles that could damage the filters.​