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Design Services, Quick Connect, Flanged Ducting and Leak Proof  Jacob Tubing

As a ducting, tubing and layout design supplier we can design your layout from scratch and ensure you have the right duct or tubing for your application to keep your facility clean and machines running at their best! 

Quick Connect clamp together systems:

  • The clamp system is easy, quick, adjustable and reusable and is ideal for large facilities and small shops with future growth plans. 

Jacob Tubing Leak Proof clamp together systems:

  • Easy, quick and adjustable Leak Proof Jacob Tubing is ideal for the food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, automotive, feed mills, chip industry, machinery, paper and building materials.

Flanged and Fully Welded systems:

  • For Heavy Duty and large diameter applications flanged and fully welded ducting is the industry "go-to". With a variety of gauges and materials to choose from this is the most comprehensive product on the market.

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