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Industrial Dust Collection Flex Hose

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  • Flexible hose/ ducting for wood dust, abrasive powder, bulk material, granulate, oil mist and for gases

  • Printed circuit board drilling machines (PCB)

  • ·Offset printing machine: air supply, air supply cabinet

  • ·Air supply: UV dryer, IR dryer

  • Extraction unit, dust collection systems, filter system, oil mist extraction

  • Chemical industry: chemical vapors, vapor return hose at loading arm, paint steam, spray mist extraction

  • Explosion hazard area

  • Textile industry, fiber extraction: spinning machine, knitting machine, weaving loom machine

  • Clean room ventilation, semiconductor production machine

  • Compressor, side channel blower, vacuum pump, pressure pump.

  • Surface preparation: shot blasting/ sand blasting recovery (blasting chamber), ship yard, stripping machine, flooring preparation machine, grinding machine

  • Municipal vehicle: sweeper, sweeping machine

  • Heating hose: exterior hose as protection hose


medium-heavy duty

highly abrasion resistant

microbe resistant

good resistance to oil, gasoline, and chemicals

very good low temperature flexibility

flame-retardant according to: UL94-V2

flame-retardant according to: DIN 4102-B1

permanently antistatic wall: in accordance with ISO 8031 electrical and surface resistance <10⁹ Ω and in accordance with TRGS 727 <2,5*10⁸Ω

in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU (1999/92/EC) and 
German TRGS 727: pneumatic transport of flammable dusts and bulk materials (Zone 20, 21, 22 inside), aspiration of combustible dusts (Zone 22 inside), for conveying for flammable liquids (inside zone 0, 1, 2), for conveying for non-flammable liquids, for use in zone 1 and 2 (gases), for use in zone 0 (gases)


·         -40°F to 195°F

·         short time to 255°F


Profile hose

1.     spring steel wire firmly embedded in the            wall

2.     wall: permanently antistatic premium                  ester-polyurethane (Pre-PUR®)

3.     wall thickness 0.03 inch approximate


·         further diameters and lengths available              on request

·         transparent (standard)

·         special colors: full colored

·         Available in metric or imperial sizes


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