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X-Series Indoor Wood Dust Collector

Atlantic Dust Collection Wood Dust Collectors

Becoming an X-Series dealer, not only will you be able to offer a more robust lower cost option for your customers but also benefit from: Atlantic dust collection wood dust collectors

  • Lead generation
  • Joint marketing
  • Equipment in stock
  • Fast lead times for multiple units (3 weeks or less)
  • Design assistance
  • Ability to customize color or design to fit your customers’ needs
  • No added cost for starter. It’s ready to go!
  • Offer a product proudly made in the USA!
  • Dump Bin Option Now Available For All Models!!!

Our Goal = Grow the X-Series line of products and options so our dealers can offer more top of the line dust collection equipment at pricing below the competition while delivering unsurpassed customer service.

X-Series Indoor Wood Dust Collector Fan